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How to Grow Eyebrows Fast – Best Tips, Advice to Grow Brows Back that Are Thicker and Fuller

Looking for ways on how to grow eyebrows fast? Get tips, secrets and advice to grow eyebrows back quickly. You will also learn on how long eyebrows take to grow, eyebrow enhancers, natural ways, conditioners and other growth products in the market. Some of the common questions that people who want to grow brows back often have include the following:

Can You Grow Eyebrows in A week, Day or Two Weeks
Can You Grow Eyebrows in A week, Day or Two Weeks

Fuller and bigger brows will always look better, that is obvious. This is why you should know how to grow eyebrows back faster. Although some people naturally have fuller and thicker eye brows, you can make yours better if you follow what is discussed in this article. How you take care of your brows has an impact on how they look like. First let us mention something small on what causes eyebrow hair loss.

 What Causes Eyebrow Hair Loss

Of course, before you try to grow eyebrows back faster, you must know the underlying cause of brow loss. Eyebrow loss can be caused by a number of things, which range from harsh makeup use, disease and conditions as well as general care you give your brows. We are not going to concentrated on causes of eyebrow loss since we already in the most comprehensive way covered on eyebrow loss, causes, how to cure, tips, advises and much more. This will let you know more on brow hair loss. Before we looks at the tips on how to grow brows back fast, we should answer one concern, how long do eyebrow take to grow back.

How Long Do Eyebrows Take to Grow Back

We understand you would like to know the various ways on how to grow eyebrow s back. However, you deserve to know the duration your eyebrows will take to grow back if you have already lost them. It takes eyebrows take around 4 to 8 weeks before they grow back. It is reported that they grow at a rate of about 0.16mm per day.

How to Grow Eyebrows Back Faster Can you really grow eyebrows back
Can you really grow Brows back

This therefore means you have always to take good care of your eyebrows since if you lost them today, imagine waiting for the next 8 weeks or more to have them back or  having to use eyebrow pencil, tints or going for eyebrow tattoos to save your face!

Tip #1 – Avoid Over Tweezing

The first way on how to grow eyebrows back faster is putting down your tweezers and magnifying glasses. It is common to meet people, who have no eyebrows because they have overplucked or overtweezed them. Tweezing is one of the best ways to shaping your brows that gives you much control since you will be plucking a single eyebrow at a time. Whereas it is not part of their intention to sabotage brow growth, many people often find themselves to have wiped their eyebrows so much. What should they do if they want  grow brow hairs that are fuller and thicker back. Furthermore, when tweezing your eyebrows, it is recommended to avoid using a magnifying glass. Although this glass will helps you to see each individual eyebrow better; you can easily lose perspective and go beyond where you did not want to pluck your eyebrows. In fact, by them moment you are done tweezing your brows, you will immediately want to grow them back. It is not only overtweezing that can affect brow growth, you also need to stop too much waxing and threading if you want to grow eye brows back fast. Try using a razor on places you have stubborn brows instead of forcefully plucking them off. This will reduce damages of root hairs.

Tip #2 – Avoid Using Any Lotions on Your Eyebrows

The second tip is saying not to any lotions i.e. if you want to grow eyebrows fast, you must stop applying any kind of lotion on your eyebrows, unless it is for that purpose. This tip on how to grow eyebrows back is very important since some lotions and creams will often clog you hair follicle. This will both slow down eyebrow regrwoth and in worst-case scenario prevent eyebrow growth completely. Thus causing permanent eyebrow hair loss. Furthermore, experts warn that use of lotions and creams can weaken your hair follicle and you will find it difficult to grow your brows back once the old ones fall off. Instead of relying on any lotion, you should always go for eyebrow enhancers as well as conditioners.

Tip #3 – Eyebrow Growth Enhancers and Products

How to Grow Eyebrows - RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum
RapidBrow Eyebrow Enhancing Serum

Going on with tips on how to grow eyebrows back fast, you must have about some best eyelash growth enhancers, which can make your eyelashes longer. Similarly, there are eyebrow growth enhancers, which can help your eyebrows grow back faster. Different people have difference feeling towards eyebrow growth enhancers with some noticing great results while others have seen little change. If you want to grow them fast, why not try these products. For those who do not know which eyebrow growth enhancers to go for, here are some of the best eyebrow growth enhancers, which many users have highly rated and give positive response. OUR TOP THREE


  • Ardell Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel
  • LiBrow Eye brow Growth Serum
  • Professional Brow & Lash Growth Accelerator Treatment Gel by Ardell
  • Koga herbal eye brow thickener
  • Anastasia Brow Enhancing Serum

Ensure you have seen red more on pricing, customer ratings and pricing for the above best eyebrow growth enhancers. Grab one of these best eyebrow growth enhancers and try your luck.There are many other best eyebrow enhancers in the market that will help you grow your eyebrows fast. However, you need to be careful before trying any as it can lead to thinning of eyebrows or worse, eyebrow loss

Tip #4 – Eyebrow Conditioners

How to Grow Eyebrows - Revitalash Revitabrow Eyebrow Conditioner
Revitalash Revitabrow Eyebrow Conditioner

You often condition your hair to make it grow faster and remain healthy. Similarly, you should always ensure you have conditioned your eyebrows. Conditioning your brows, will not only help your eyebrows grow back faster, but ensure they are also strong and healthy. May be you are losing your brows because they are dry and they break off easily. Using a good type of eyebrow conditioner will help you to grow eyebrows back quickly and ensure they are very strong. If you are looking for some of the best eyebrow growth enhancers, here is what can really help you get excellent result: Our BEST TWO BRANDS


  • Brows To Die For(TM)  Conditioning Treatment
  • LashFood Nano-Peptide Natural Eye brow Conditioner
  • RevitaBrow Eye brow Conditioner
  • other thickening Eye brow Conditioner

See more on what customers are saying, their ratings and pricing.

Tip #5 – Reduce Eyebrow Makeup

The other tip on how to grow eyebrows fast is reducing the use of brow makeup. Continually and frequent use of brow makeup can lead to eyebrow loss, especially if you use makeup aggressively. Imagine the impact of rubbing vigorously your eyebrows using an brow pencil. It is bound to thin and deteriorate your brows. In addition, avoid harsh eyebrow makeup such as eyebrow dyes unless it is very necessary. You can use eyebrow powder, gels, eyebrow tints and soft pencil mildly but try not to wear them every day.

Tip #6 – Natural Ways of Growing Eyebrows

Finally, you need to try the many natural remedies that help eyebrow to grow back. There are many products, which range from diets to actual products you will use on your eyebrows to ensure they grow back faster. Some of the common natural way to grow eyebrows back quickly includes the following:

Eyebrow Massage

Using a fine eyebrow brush, always massage your brows in circular direction towards their growth direction and outwards for a few minutes twice or three times a week. This will help stimulate eyebrow growth and you are bound to have your eyebrows grow back fast. It works in a similar way hair brushing works. It stimulated eyebrow exfoliation.

Natural Oils

Most makeup artists also recommend massaging of various products such as Vaseline, castor oil, almond oil (e.g. Now Foods, Sweet Almond Oil), aloe vera, pure coconut oil (e.g.  Nutiva Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil) among many others gently on your eyebrows after you have removed all the makeup. You could also try rubbing egg yolk, lemon slice and other natural products, which help in eyebrow growth.

How to Grow Eyebrows Fast – Tips, Secrets and Advices
Stop Tweezing them

Good Diet

Your diet is no doubt very important if you want to grow eyebrows back faster. Ensure your diet has vitamins A, B, E, iron, folic acid, zinc and adequate protein amounts. Poor nutrition could be the reason for slow eyebrow growth and eyebrow thinning. If you cannot get enough of these nutrients, try using supplements that have these specific nutrients and many others that are known to help in hair growth.

Meanwhile As You Wait Eyebrows to Grow

If you already messed up your eyebrows and you have patches, you cannot continue going out that way as you wait for brows to grow. You should consider eyebrow filling using a good eyebrow pencil. Unlike eyebrow powders and tints, buying some of the best eyebrow pencil can help create the most natural looks if you use short strokes in the direction of eyebrow growth.


You have covered six bet tips on how to grow eyebrows fast. You also have an insight on how long it will take for eyebrows to grow back. If you want to grow them faster and have longer healthy brows, take good care of them. Just like you take good care of your hair, extent it to your eyebrows and you will have longer and very thick eye brows.

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