Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre , Giang Vo, Hanoi

Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre , Giang Vo, Hanoi


The Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre, was established in 1974 to help boost and promote trading and economic ties with foreign nations. This center is situated in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam. Since it was established, it has seen many improvements due to the high demand of such a venue. Furthermore, it has continually been reinventing itself to ensure it always reflects what the social and economic demands of the Vietnamese people are.

Although many Vietnamese know Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre under its name, Giang Vo, the center is a household name for many people who live in Hanoi and the larger Vietnam for its prowess in hosting various events especially trade promotions. However, it also serves as an exhibition place for the Vietnamese culture that is very rich.  Furthermore, there are nearby hotels such as the Rising Dragon Villa Hotel, Hanoi Legacy Hotel, and Golden Sun Palace, which will offer you affordable accommodation that will suit local, corporate or international guests.

The popularity of Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre can be attributed to many things especially for hosting some of the best international events that bring together various key industry players. It not only holds the various fair trades and exhibitions but also organizes such events and ensuring they have gotten international publicity. For instance, Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre recently held a Waste Management exhibition and it will be hosting an exhibition on household consumable in October this year.

In terms of facilities, the Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre, boasts of its ability to host different types of exhibitions and trade fairs. The center has many flexible and multifunctional areas, which are capable of hosting any kind of trade fair, or exhibition you might be having. It is sits on over 7 hectares of land in the heart of Hanoi with over 10,000 square meters of floor space. It has 3 ultra modern conference rooms with exception auxiliary facilities capable of hosting both local and international companies, which might be having exhibitions, trade fairs or related functions in Vietnam. Furthermore, this center is easily accessible since it is not far from the international airport in Hanoi.

Still on facilities, other than the scenic ponds and waterfalls, the Vietnam Exhibition and Fair Centre is able to accommodate even persons with disabilities have restrooms. There are also EMT’s PA systems and First Aid Buildings as well as plenty of parking space, foods places, telephone booths and much more to ensure your experience during your trade fair or exhibition is the best.