Vietnam Business Opportunities – Manufacturing, Tourism, Real Estate

Vietnam Business Opportunities – Manufacturing, Tourism, Real Estate


Since it began moving towards the free-market economy in mid 1990s, Vietnam is now a hotspot with many business opportunities for both local and international investors, especially after joining world trade organization, WTO and its GDP has been on the rise for the past few years. In addition, since majority of the people in Vietnam, about 86% are below the age of 65 years, it offers one of the best environments for people looking for opportunities to invest. So what are some of the best Vietnam business opportunities?

Vietnam has risen over the past few years to be a major exporter of various commodities such as textiles, oil, IT, shoes, and other manufactured goods where it had about $63 billion in 2008. This represented an increase of almost 30% from its previous year. Foreign companies that are interested in establishing export zones in Vietnam are likely to quickly break even and even start making profits. Furthermore, the relatively large local population will still offer ready markets, especially to goods and services that are not readily found in the country.

The second business opportunity you cannot go wrong about in Vietnam is tourism. Vietnam is increasing becoming of the South East Asian beauty paradise that is constantly attracting more visitors who want to enjoy its weather, breathtaking sceneries, temples, and people with rich culture, among many other attractions.

Although the country has been promoting tourism over the past few years, there is a lot more that can be done especially in provision of tourism logistics, catering services as well as hospitality services. Vietnam still needs more hotels, vacation houses, and logistic companies to help boost this business.

Another great business opportunity in Vietnam is real estate as well as buying some of the already established businesses in Vietnam. If you searched, you will see many agencies ready to help you establish or buy a business, especially in real estate. The country, being a populous nation still needs a housing and real estate investment to support its quickly growing population.

There are many other business opportunities in Vietnam in the various sectors of economy which include offering professional services as well as investing in other commercial ventures like financial services, educational services, agricultural related investments, etc