Islamic Revolution in Vietnam – Iran Embassy, Hanoi

Islamic Revolution in Vietnam – Iran Embassy, Hanoi


Iranian revolution, popularly known as the 1979 Islamic revolution refer to all the events that led to the overturning the government of Pahlavi dynasty that was supported by United Kingdom and the United States that was then under Shah Mohammad.

During this revolution, the Pahlavi dynasty was replaced by Iranian Islamic Republic, which was under Ayatollah Khomeini, who was the leader of the revolution.  The demonstrations began in 1977 on October and went on until 1979 when the revolution finally succeeded. As one of the countries where Iran has diplomatic relationship, Vietnam often sends congratulatory messages and there is a celebration in the Iranian embassy in Vietnam.

As a country that has religious tolerance, especially, after the Vietnam War, Islam is one of the minority religions in Vietnam, which has membership that is around 65,000 people. Normally, during the celebration of the Islamic revolution in Vietnam, the president of Vietnam, who for this time is Truong Tan Sang, sends congratulatory messages to the president of Iran on each anniversary.

Furthermore, the minister of Foreign affairs of Vietnam also sends a message to his counterpart in Iran as a sign of the good ties between the two countries who have diplomatic mission in each other’s countries. These congratulatory messages are not the only ones in Ira, much that follows.

To mark the Islamic revolution anniversary in Iran’s embassy in Hanoi, normally, celebrations are held. Most of these celebrations are often attended Vietnam government official, who join their counterparts from Iran at their diplomatic missions. Key among the things that come out during the banquets to celebrate Iranian revolution anniversaries is the good relationship that the two countries have had for the many years since 1979. They also often discuss the need to expand their diplomatic relationships and collaborations.

For instance, during the 2013 celebration of the Iran’s National Day, which is the revolution day, the Iranian Embassy organized a part in Vietnam that was attend by Vietnam’s deputy minister of Foreign Affairs, Nguyen, Phuong Nga. The event was accompanied by cultural performances from Iran including festival film, music and a cultural week.