Beach Resort near Ho Chi Minh City – Sunny, Ho Tram, Long...

Beach Resort near Ho Chi Minh City – Sunny, Ho Tram, Long Hai and Lazi Beach Resort


Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest city in Vietnam. It is located in the southern part of Vietnam and before the reunification of Vietnam, it served as the capital city of South Vietnam. At that time, it was known as Saigon. This city is a bit congested with many people. However, if you want to have quality time while in Ho Chi Minh City, consider visiting some of the nearby beach resorts, which are not very far from the city. So what are some of the beach resorts in this city?

Sunny Beach Resort

Beautiful gardens that are landscaped in palm trees is the first thing you will notice as you approach Sunny Beach Hotel. This beach resort, which is about two hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City will give you a relaxing environment where you will be able to access a number of nearby attractions such as Ca Ty River, White Lake, Hon Rom canyon, Mui Ne, Ta Kou Mountain, among many other attractions in this part of Vietnam. Meals are great in this beach resort hotel and it has many ultra modern facilities including Jacuzzis, golf course, water sports, swimming pools, private showers, satellite TVs and much more. This perfect and romantic place is also very affordable.

Ho Tram Beach Resort & Spa

Another beach resort near Ho Chi Minh City is the Ho Tram Beach Resort & Spa. This lovely resort is located in Vung Tau province. If you are tired of the hassle and bustle of Ho Chi Minh City, a very busy and noisy city, this beach resort will give you ambient atmosphere. It is only two hours drive away from Ho Chi Minh City where you will enjoy rich and charming garden landscapes, blue sea and very clear sky. You will also experience the rich culture of Vietnam since the resort is made from only indigenous and local material as well as traditional Vietnam architectural designs with unique looking villas and bungalows.

The Long Hai Beach Resort

The Long Hai Beach Resort is another nearby beach resort you could visit while you are in Ho Chi Minh City. While in this resort, you will enjoy the lovely tropical weather and landscaped gardens that will make your stay quite memorable. The front part of this resort overlooks the beach and it is a perfect place for businesspersons and travelers from all over the world.

Lazi Beach Resort

Also located in Vung Tau, Lazi Beach Resort is yet another great beach resort near Ho Chi Minh City. It is also around 2 hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City. The beach resort hotel has currency exchange, services, balconies and television to ensure your stay is as comfortable as possible. Furthermore, you can for fishing sports, massages, swimming, and anything else you can dream of, while you are in a 4 star beach resort.

These are not the only beach resorts near Ho Chi Minh City. There are many others, especially in the nearby Vung Tau province. Most of them are between one and half to three hours drive from Ho Chi Minh City.